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Originally Posted by Apollo19 View Post

There are plenty of posts out there talking of issues within Cathay. This company is in desperate need of pilots. Do not come here. The reasons to stay away are plainly stated throughout this site. Cathayís hubris will not let them recover in any meaningful way. As they expand their net to get more pilots do not be lulled into coming here: it is in no way worth it. Gone are the Halcyon days of big money and bases. Worse yet, they have been given the answer to the problem but refuse to act.

100% correct and will be 100% ignored by inexperienced (non-) pilots with SJS. CX still has a reputation within the industry that is in no way deserved in this decade. Things will only get worse. Itís a fact; but young, gullible, wet behind the ear puppy dogs wonít believe us. CX will persist attacking pilots until there is nothing left. Those joining on CoS18 are signing up for little more than indentured servitude. Even single pilots will be so poor in HK that they will be literally running home to mommy and daddy on their days off. It will be their best option.
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