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Ken Scott
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I recently renewed my SEP rating & obtained an IRR, I then did a military conversion QFI to FI with aerobatic instructor & sent it all off to the CAA to be added to my ATPL. I was told at the flying club I did the FI with that I would have to pay the fee for the highest qualification, the 124 to add the FI, but I've since had an email saying that I owe them for the SEP rating, IRR issue, aerobatic rating, aerobatic instruction privilege, FI issue & even a 91 fee to remove the restriction on my FI even though this is an initial issue (as an experienced military QFI I meet the requirements for an unrestricted instructor​​​​​).

The total cost of all that is 645! This is serious money when I will be instructing at a flying club for 20/hr. Is their policy really to charge for every component even though it's only a few clicks of a mouse? Has anyone had a similar experience?
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