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Tea Time

“What I am trying to point out is that none of the comments are truly racist, that term is a slight used frequently by the left when they cannot win an argument using logic and want to shut someone up.” Please TEA TIME , show me the arguments included in their comments, since you’re talking about arguments. None right? Thought so.

Not “truly” racist just slightly. Not “truly” 10 degrees but slightly. Not “TRULY” a fact but slightly. Racists do not like to be called racist, do you understand now? Especially how all of you suddenly crawl right out of your rocks to defend “NOT TRULY” racist comment.

Back to the point.

I have read POS18 and I somewhat can understand the emotions by some of you but when it comes to these new hires the question is , do you know how bad aviation is OUTSIDE of CX? Everyone talks as if in the US or EU, EVERYTHING is better than CX. Well it’s not, not even with POS18. Do any of you have any knowledge of how tough the EU FTL’s are? Or average salaries there? Taxes? etc etc. So you can imagine how they are in South America or Africa.

This business of being pissed at new hires for taking a package is ridiculous. What do they have to do with the dispute between the AoA and management. So are you now telling me that you will be pissed at the guys that took COS99? Then pissed at the c scalers? Than pissed at cos18 guys? Come on, have you nothing to do in life?

Point is many of you should start accepting that Cx is not the company it once was and it will never be that again. Cx is NOT a career airline but more of a stepping stone for pilots. Why would you get yourself worked up for that? You don’t have a say in it? That is how the management wants it to be, so be it. Quit whining.

And to the none elitists here, Merry Christmas and wish you all a happy New Year with lots of blessings and especially Health. Cheers guys.

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