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Originally Posted by jackhaggan View Post
Hello, I'm looking to apply for the British Airways future pilot programme however, it's fully self-funded. It's costs 125,000 so where do I get that money from? I've heard something about them sponsoring you but I can't find anything online. Please help
This is not the future pilot programme as it was in its original form some years ago. Be under no illusion, the L3 'bond' is not a bond, they simply reduce your starting salary by the amount of the bond and BA pay that amount to you tax free to make up for your lower salary.The only fully funded programme in the British Isles I am aware of is Aer Lingus.

If you haven't got 125,000 I would advise you to go down the modular route which can be done for 40-50k as already mentioned. Get a job elsewhere and then apply to BA as a direct entry pilot if that's your ultimate goal.
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