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Originally Posted by jackhaggan View Post
Hello, I'm looking to apply for the British Airways future pilot programme however, it's fully self-funded. It's costs 125,000 so where do I get that money from? I've heard something about them sponsoring you but I can't find anything online. Please help
Future Pilot Programme doesn't exist anymore, it's now the "Cadet Pilot Programme" which changed a lot from FPP including the addition of MPL.
When they changed the scheme they decided not to sponsor cadets currently. It's either pay up or look elsewhere. Fair? No. But that's the industry you're looking at joining I'm afraid. A lot of us like you are in the same boat and are having to reconsider our career options and how we get there!

Apply for some flying scholarships instead, it might only get you a few hours under your belt and a solo flight in a Cessna or even better in a Glider (BA are a big believer in the skills gliding teaches). But it sure is fun and it'll stand you out from the crowd if you come to apply for a scheme.

Best of luck.
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