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Originally Posted by jackhaggan View Post
It's costs 125,000 so where do I get that money from?
In your day to day living where do you normally get money from? You could try that same source.

If you're struggling to figure it out here's a few ideas:
1) Save
2) Sell or remortgage a property
3) Ask family and/or friends
4) Set up a gofundme page
5) Win the lottery
6) Rob a bank
7) Marry someone rich
8) Con an eldery out of their pension
9) Jump in your DeLorean, go back in time and put 25 on Leicester to win the Premier League @ 5000/1
10) Plant a money tree
11) Go on Dragons Den
These are all ways to raise the required 125000, some more legit than others.

If all else fails you could go down the modular route for ~40000...
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