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no, that was conversational operating and they were enormously lucky not to crash on the first approach or the subsequent go around. Did you hear any positive acknowledgement of the obstacles? Large tower with masts, two large aerials with no talk about their stays, no mention of the FOD in the one o'clock that was looking to get airborne. Do people not use clock code and distances to specify targets/threats/landing areas?

Anyone hear any considerations for OEI? Flyaway/escape route etc? Yes, I know they were in a 139 but they didn't mention the PI at all.

Fortunately the outcome was good but we could easily have been looking at an accident there.

AW139 2up or 5 and two dogs low fuel donít think OEI would have been a problem.
You donít have to operate to PC1 or 2 just because itís a ME
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