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Originally Posted by lessonlearnt View Post
Don't worry guys - your housing will be protected....LEP's would not expect anything from you. I mean asking a guy to break up his half 13th month when he gets 10k a month for HKPA is fair.... maybe the union can organise a collection box for all you struggling CAPTs.


But lets see you sell your souls to CX for ARAPA - when you have to sign away your life for shit RP's, Clause 7 and CMP for your housing ......sure you all will sign. And who cares what other people get.
Maybe im wrong.....who knows.

But agree with all of you, saying NO one should come here.
So I don't hear many of the HKPA crew leaving it is mostly the crew with experience and on ARAPA and we sure don't hear anything about HKPA standing up for anything, just complaining about others contracts who signed up for a proper career. Offer to pay back your free license that cost 1.4 million HKD to the company in return for more HKPA!!!

Quit trying to reduce other peoples packages to improve your own and stand up for what you think you are worth.
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