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Originally Posted by metalbusdriver View Post
So looking through most of these threads everyone seems disappointed in the new contract that CX has come out with for its pilots. Being honest didn't get the whole scoop of it from here/people I know that work at CX. I am looking for something to live overseas somewhere and work where my wife and young child could come with me and I wouldn't be away at work for consecutive weeks at a time. Currently I work probably 16-20+ days a month (away 3 days at a time mostly) and fly my bag off to barely make over $100k CAD.

So guess my question is in your opinion with the new contract would it be worth someone to come over and work for a couple years at CX to see HK and the areas around it and fly for a different airline and get a type rating on a larger aircraft? or worth just avoiding CX all together. Also any insight on general life as a pilot at CX would be great as far as pairing lengths, days away from home, days worked in a month.

I do understand you're new contract is bad compared to previous versions, but as far as Canadian Airlines go they don't have anything that look that worthwhile anymore either.


CX is a toxic airline to work for. Bitter infighting amongst ambitious but under-performing managers. A pilots union with no teeth. A cabin crew union that rules supreme. A flight ops director who cries in his lunchbreak and is weeks away from a breakdown. A pilot body so diverse with over 15 different contracts that they will never unite. And that is just the airline. Hong Kong itself is very difficult to adjust too and survive in. Take my advice, stay away and have a great career flying elsewhere. Good luck to you.
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