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It's not worth it any more unless CX is forced to improve the contract. The fact that there are Cathay pilots going to WS Encore speaks volumes. CX was my career goal, but after researching a ton on here and talking to a few pilots working there, I think it's much better to either stay in Canada or explore other options. If you're looking to work overseas, I would look into Sunwing. During the winter you fly to the Caribbean from Canada, and during the summer when demand is low to Sun destinations from Canada, Sunwing sends their planes (and pilots) to fly in Europe on behalf of TUI to European holiday destinations. They pay for your house and a car while you're abroad which sounds sweet. I'm probably going to apply once I have the required experience. You get jet time too which would help you down the road either to go overseas or skip the regionals and go to AC/WS/TS.

As an aside, I talked to an AC 777 Cpt the other day. He said a couple people in his graduating class went on to Cathay and and I asked him what he thought of the place. All he told me was that he's never heard of anyone trying to escape Canada.. Food for thought I suppose.
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