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Liam Gallagher
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I'm surprised the Chairman's latest letter to the Company hasn't drawn more comment. DS seeks to admonish the GMA for DEFOs onto the 777. DS makes all the good arguments, but finishes with "please don't do it again". No doubt this letter is followed up with a phone call asking for less lube on the next shafting.

Management clearly has no respect for the HKAOA. They are now doing as they please, safe in the knowledge that the response will be a limp letter. All the non-union representation guff in COS18 and "peace" clauses just formalise the sad demise of the HKAOA.

The new GC has only days to turn this around before it's all to late. Time to grow a pair lads, stop the rot, STOP NEGOTIATING. START BEHAVING LIKE A TRADE UNION.
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