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Originally Posted by rotordisk View Post
Hi all, I have a few questions.. Thanks for helping me out if you could

Are the example rosters realistic? They gave as an example a 5-5 roster and an 8-4 rosters and it honestly looked pretty good.
Is there still a lot of W trips?
Is it easy to get 80% part time ?
How likely is it to get requested annual leave period?
Is it allowed to commute on your own if you have a flight out of another base? For example if you are LGW based with a flight out of CDG, can you go to CDG on your own transport?

What about crew life? Is there a good atmosphere, do you go out to dinner or activities together?

1.Yes they are. Til todays date, I have gotten all of my requested OFF days. Nicest part: It's possible to connect all of your 10 guaranteed OFF days to your vacation.

2. It's either point to point or W. You can put in a request and it's likely you'll get what you want.

3. No Idea

4. It completely depends on what period you are bidding for. First year in the company, bidding for easter/midsummer/christmas/new years eve? Not so likely. The system works with points (points are bad). You start of with your employee number in points and each year these points decrease/increase, depending on what you are bidding for (some day in October = low points, Christmas = max points). The requested vacation is then given to those guys/gals with the least amount of points.

5. Yes. Feels like the whole company is commuting. Coming to the crewroom in Paris before the flight, it's not unlikely you'll have people sitting there for hours already before a flight, since they were commuting from far away.

6. Crew life is disappointing. Or well, for me who's coming from a european charter company, crew life is basically inexistent. The cabin crew pisses off to their rooms on layovers and you'll see them again for checkin, if it's the same cabin crew on the way back. Feels like the flight deck sticks to themselves and cabin sticks to themselves.

Hopefully that helped
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