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Originally Posted by wiedehopf View Post
That's very racist of you towards the people of Poland for example.
Seems like the state of Thailand has a less than enlightened attitude to people from Eastern Europe.
That may have reflected in how useless your post on the topic is.

Most i could understand was "Don't talk to me in a foreign language".
Seems like a reasonable request but "I can't understand you" might have been more appropriate.

Anyway no matter race or anything he is being loud and sure seems aggressive yet not physically.

Who changes seat is not an indication of who "got his way". It is just the best solution if there is a disagreement for whoever of the parties is willing to change seats to do so.
It is in their best interest.
And judging from the video the passenger does not make the impression he is going to go on a rampage but that's not my call to make it was the cabin crews.
They decided the problem was solved for the time being.

If this verbal aggression deserves time in court is not my decision to make.
I probably wouldn't like to fly with this guy but to deny him transportation for life seems a bit harsh but it may very well be appropriate but also that is for Ryanair to decide.
From what's been published about this individual in the British tabloid media - and I won't go into details, a life ban on any airline would seem to be quite appropriate.
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