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Hi, well done. According to the training manager you will have done a lot of the hard work already to get to the interview. The selection process, aptitude test and chat with the man from Rishworth is a big part of it. Over 60% pass the interview/sim check. This is from a year ago...
  • Arrive in the morning for meet and greet, then standard company intro, recruitment team intro. Then a mini group exercise in the same room. "How many footballs can we fit into this room?"
  • After that, you are split into your groups. The first group sits around in meeting area until called for interviews, whilst the other group does the sim check. After lunch, you then swap over.
  • Interview, usually 2 senior pilots. No tech questions, couple of 'give me an example of when you had to do this?' style questions. Nothing tricky, more to get to know you and if you are likable
  • Sim ride, for me was 737Max, departure from JFK 31L, into downwind and then some problem develops (fight in the cabin, suspected bomb etc). Do the standard CRM thing and land. Then reposition to takeoff again, this time some kind of engine problem and land.
I completely screwed up the handling part. My first Boeing and first 'flight yoke' jet aircraft and even though I was mentally prepared for it, it didn't work out so well. There was a sim fault on the day too (some kind of visual lag but this was from a year ago). My partner was an experienced Boeing 777 pilot and was obviously better in this regard. However, I got in and he didn't. The reason? Probably the level of CRM displayed, even though I couldn't fly the damn thing. In that is a lesson for you maybe?

Good luck
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