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Licence & Ratings Required for 40,000 kg A/C

Hypothetical question based on Part 61

Ted & Alice are retired business types who hold CPL's IR and fly their CJ4 as a purely private aircaft, both are PIC type rated. As the CJ4 is below 8400 kg only a a class 2 medical is required and as it's a SP aircraft no MCC is required.

They decide to upgrade to a G4.....they are pretty cheap now.

Aircraft sale comes with 1 x PIC & 1 SIC training package as per FAA requirement. Does CASA accept US SIC any more? Is factory MCC training accepted by CASA

Does Ted who is always going to act as PIC have to upgrade to ATPL and a class 1 medical - remember this is a purely PVT aircraft.

The old system was straight forward to work out but Part 61 is as clear as mud.
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