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Originally Posted by morningcoffee View Post

Iíll just take the first one as an example. Do you actually have any idea how difficult it is to get into Fedex? An employee can sponsor one applicant every 10 years and you ain't getting a look in the door without a sponsor. Turning up with shiny 777 time isnít really much help in the big picture, sorry to say.
Which brings me to point #2, looking at the hourly pay at $304 for a year 15 captain at FedEx and then thinking thatís 16 years down the road from when you joined isnít quite correct either.
None of the USA carriers mentioned are getting you into the LHS in a widebody in under 25 years. Though Iíd love to hear if thatís changed.
Point #3, guys can do CC all they want if it makes them feel good, itís a minor inconvenience to the company with all the new trainers joining and the people helping out in every way shape and form. Iíd argue these days itís more of an inconvenience to the employee than to the company, but itís all we have. No criticism of the GC intended.
Hmmmmmm.....none of my colleagues seem to have had a great deal of trouble hiring on with FedEx, UPS, and other majors.

And what is the important thing is they are really really happy and excited about their job again.
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