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Originally Posted by Dilbert68 View Post
The trainers have the real power here. They could resign from training and bring the company to its knees but instead they will happily train their D-scale replacements. The ones that don't have their heads buried in the sand have them shoved up managements a$$es.
WAKE UP!!! You are going to get a sign or be fired contract within the next 5 years when the numbers look favorable to the company, just as they did in 1999.

You trainers have to be the most selfish or stupid people in the company.
Your comment is one of the reason nothing will ever change in Cx ( and also one of the reason why I am so happy to have left Cx). The day you will realise you have to stop barking and relying on somebody else to fight for you, maybe something will change... new joiners, trainers are not responsible, every single pilot inside the company is responsible for what’s happening, because nobody is actually ready for a war.. because a war involve casualties..The day you will organise with your friends a massive global strike with the help of AOA ( or without if you are a sufficient number) and take the risk to be fired PERSONALY, because you think the fight is worth the risk, then something will be achieved. But please stop telling people what they should do, and act. Because if you don’t go on strike for what you apparently believe in, then you will never be able to defend the trainers if they fight for you and get into trouble....
but hey, it has been years we hear the same mad dogs all night long, and everybody is at work quietly in the morning...we get used to it, and the funny thing is sadness turns into entertainment..

Anyway, I really wish you all the best for the future, and feel sorry for the attitude Cx still holds.
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