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No Change...

Originally Posted by Alloy View Post
As well as the 737 DEC being possibly the hardest job in the company (think China and domestics with lots of deadhead time and fresh FOs), it is also paid about $3K/month less than the 777, 747 and 380 positions, but is now the only way onto a wide body in KAL if you donít have previous current widebody experience (330 NTR experienced 320 positions are no longer available).
Actually then, nothing much has changed for the last 10 years. Most guys were stuck on the 737 and couldn't move across unless they went in to the audit department. Very few came across to the 777.
Don't have any misconceptions though, all of the fleets work hard. They get their money out of you. Also, the hotels were never great. However; I always got my days off, always flew business class, to and from base and never had my schedule changed. There was one exception and that was when a Captain fell ill, they called me if I would come in on my days off to cover the flight. I showed up, completed the flight back to ICN. They flew me home the next day and gave me an extra 9 days off!!!
I can't say too much about the Chinese contracts however; KAL was the best gig going. Always treated fair and well respected. Their equipment is THE best maintained in the world. It is a good operation.
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