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Originally Posted by FBW390 View Post
Anybody has the METAR at the time of the accident? Thanks.
URSS 010000Z 23004MPS 5000 1800E R02/P3000N TSRA BKN006 OVC030CB 21/21 Q1014 WS ALL RWY R02/250350 R06/250350 NOSIG RMK R06/19004MPS QBB200 MT OBSC QFE759=
URSS 312330Z 10010G22MPS 030V140 0500 0250NW R02/1200U +TSRA VV013 19/19 Q1014 WS ALL RWY R02/250350 R06/250350 TEMPO VRB10G22MPS 0500 +TSRA BKN006 BKN020CB RMK R06/11015G24MPS MT OBSC QFE759=

The overrun happened at 2357Z
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