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Originally Posted by benshaw View Post
Does anyone have any recommendations for pre-course reading?

I have six months until I start with L3 and have been given access to my Padpilot ATPL iBooks. Do any current or previous cadets have any recommendations on particularly hard topics/ concepts that would be beneficial getting my head around before starting.
1. Get your maths up to speed. Basic gcse/ a-level stuff is crucial; re arranging formulas, arithmetic and trig are they key areas to be super hot on. The maths is the only thing that you need to have sorted beforehand to hit the ground running. You only get a couple of hours on basic maths the second day and then thats it, if you aren't comfortable with it, it can be really tough.
2. Don't touch PadPilot until you start the course, its utterly pointless. You might think you can get ahead but you can't.
3. Go buy Pukka Pads, coloured pens, highlighters, Post-It notes, a medium size whiteboard with drywipe pens, mechanical pencils and a big laminated world map for your room.
4. Go see all your mates/family beforehand and have a laugh and relax. I went on holiday before starting and it was great because I started nice and relaxed and in a good frame of mind.
5. Get to know your course mates on the first day. Having a social on the first Friday is crucial as its the only real time you can go out and have a laugh as a CP until Module 1 is over. Its astonishing how much the performance varies between CPs that gel well and those that don't. I got lucky and my CP really get on. Your course mates really do drag you through.
6. Keep positive. There is an awful lot of moaning that goes on that you will hear from CPs ahead of you. Most of it is attributed to EASA exam stress, but there is some discontent about the dreaded delays at the end of ground school. Ignore it all, you are 6 months and 14 exams away from finishing Ground school so your only job is to work hard and get good results. I have heard the word "sausage factory" banded about a lot, while its an unkind name there is an awful lot of guys and girls being put through the school, and the pace is relentless. Every cadet is all guilty of a moan at one time or another; just remember to not let it drag you down and try be the fattest and tastiest sausage in the whole factory!
7. Enjoy it where you can. Yes some things will seem so abstract that you wonder how on earth you will ever pass an exam on it, but the key is to keep chipping away at it and it will all fall in to place. The subjects are genuinely interesting for the most part and the instructors are genuinely great, you will have a laugh in lessons.

Good luck.
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