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Scusate l'OT (a breve aprirņ un thread a parte) ma volevo considerare questi punti :

3.5. Operators shall ensure that rest periods provide sufficient time to enable crew to overcome the effects of the previous
duties and to be well rested by the start of the following flight duty period.

5 o 6 giorni di 12 ore on/12 ore off ad esempio ?

3.6. Operators shall ensure flight duty periods are planned to enable crew members to remain sufficiently free from fatigue
so they can operate to a satisfactory level of safety under all circumstances.

Eh certo, come no !

4. Crew members’ responsibilities
4.1. A crew member shall not operate an aeroplane if he/she knows that he/she is suffering from or is likely to suffer from
fatigue or feels unfit, to the extent that the flight may be endangered.

Cosi ad un certo punto ti fai un giretto all'ufficio del personale.
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