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Originally Posted by highcirrus View Post

Your reply seems to lack any kind of logic as I have laid out in excruciating detail how Dr. North (not Mr - perhaps some attention to detail is required) is and always has been aware of the states comprising EASA.

I'm sure if you properly read even a sample of his prodigious output, wherein lies plain to see, an unflinching commitment to truth, fact, logic and reason you will conclude his command of the actulalité and the utter fatuousness of the idea that "he was just scratching around for something to support his ideas and made a mistake".
Hey - I simply pointed out that it would be very unlikely that the European Commission were unaware of the rules for membership of EASA. You seem intent on blaming the European Commission, for which we notice there was no citation given by Mr North, we simply have to take his word that is what they said.

My view is that it is far more likely that Mr North simply made a mistake in pushing his agenda. Personally I dont see how it really matters.
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