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Yes, his wording EASA membership is limited to EU countries was taken to task by a number of his commentators and he made the point that this is strictly true as EU EASA members have full voting rights, whilst EFTA EASA members (including special case Switzerland) do not.

His reference to Turkey is to make the following point. I think you need to read his post a little more carefully.

As far as this "participation" goes, EASA membership is limited to EU countries. Other European countries enter into agreements with the EU and adopt the Union's civil aviation rules. But they do not have voting rights and any specific areas of cooperation have to be specifically negotiated. Third countries, therefore, "have raised the question of why they should implement decisions over which they have had no influence".

It is not known quite what the CBI were thinking about when they cited Turkey's "participation" in EASA as an example which the UK could follow, but if they are serious in proposing this arrangement as a model, then we have serious problems.
I'm therefore not convinced that "his fact checking was a little selective".
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