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Originally Posted by highcirrus View Post

Thanks for your reply and the link to Dr. North's post on 29 April 2018 is here.

Perhaps you are referring to paragraph 10 of his piece where he quotes the Commission's words?
Regardless of whether those were the Commission's words or his, in this ( Brexit: leading in the amateur stakes ) piece he doesn't appear to be quoting anyone when he states: "EASA membership is limited to EU countries". Yet this is the very same piece where he links to the EASA membership page to deduce "that Turkey is not a member" - obviously his fact checking was a little selective as it is equally easy to deduce from the same source that Switzerland is a member. I have noticed a number of contradictions in Dr. North's posts, maybe it's accidental, he does write a lot, but it's sloppy, it makes me distrust his statements of fact. Many of his opinions on the Brexit process and the politicians on the other hand are spot on - well, in the sense that they agree with mine
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