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Thanks for your reply and the link to Dr. North's post on 29 April 2018 is here.

Perhaps you are referring to paragraph 10 of his piece where he quotes the Commission's words?

The only clue Mrs May has given as to how she thinks this chaos can be avoided, as she said at the Mansion House, is that we should be allowed to remain in EASA. This was echoed by our own Civil Aviation Authority, which knows it would take years for us to create our own system. But the commission immediately pointed out that we cannot remain in EASA because, as the rules make clear, this is open only to EU members.
However, Dr. North does write at paragraph 17:

In fact, the risk is very much more than "theoretical". Outside the EEA there is no possibility of the UK gaining associate membership of EASA and, as I wrote in this piece, the best we can hope for is a "Working Arrangement". This will, of course, require full regulatory alignment but that is the least of our problems.
As I'm sure you know and most certainly Dr. North knows, the EEA states comprise the 28 EU states plus the EFTA states of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Special case Switzerland is an EFTA member, outside both EU and EEA but still an EASA member.

If you follow his link "in this piece", you will note that paragraph 4 provides a link from his words "a public website" and using which link he makes quite clear which states comprise the total EASA membership (EEA states and Switzerland).

So, I'm not entirely sure why:

I wouldn't take a lot of notice of Richard North, on his blog he claims that the UK cannot be a member of EASA as membership is only open to EU members - which must come as a bit of a shock to Iceland.
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