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Originally Posted by BAengineer View Post
Is it a better place though? Yes the increased competition has led to lower fares but it has also led to terms and conditions for those in the industry being screwed to the floor. Without Open Skies we wouldn't have companies like Ryanair and the subsequent reduction in wages and conditions. I doubt that many in the industry would claim it is better now than it was during the golden age of Bermuda 2.
Try the Regionals like Eastern Airways, BMIR and others that do want to expand into Europe and do/have operated EU routes outside the UK for the answer to your question of British carriers operating within the EU. As for T&Cs, I hear the same bleating from other ex BCAR guys that saw approval pay being screwed by the licence changes. Was not the fault of the EU IMHO, try the British managers that pulled the stunt. Ryan Air soon had to change their tune when Jet 2 popped up at STN.
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