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Originally Posted by langleybaston View Post
"Bugger's grips!" I have not heard of them in 60 years, but the last time was a Commander F......... RN {Rtd] who had a senior post in Met Oceanography and was i/c the Nautical branch [why we duplicated the Navy nobody told me]. His bugger's grips were magnificent, you could swing off them, but he was a creature of icy menace to youngsters so we avoided taking the proverbial.

Whereas taches, beards, stubble and the rest are commonplace, how many grips do we see in a year?. I am sure that I would notice, even if only to compare with the late Commander.
I have obviously led a sheltered life and had never heard of them, so goggled it .. and the results were predictable and worrying in equal measure.

If I tried swinging off my nearest and dearest's "bugger's grips" then I would not be long for this world

1. Or: buggery grips / buggers handles , long sideburns or a handlebar moustache. Chiefly British usage. 2. More rarely, the female pubic hair.

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