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It could be because the Cadets out of the Emirates flight academy don't have a lot of hands on experience landing
a Jet or any airplane for that matter. Given MPL nowadays is pretty impresive to fly an easyJet A320 or an B777 right out
There is also a rumour that easyJet is getting Virgin Atlantic cadets to get 1000 easyJet hours or so and than go
back to Virgin. The same could be the case for Emirates Cadets. Getting a couple of 100 flightcycles in easyJet before
they fly a B777 or A380.
Not to sure if it is a good thing flying widebodies around the globe without having done an X amount of Short haul Jet
Perhaps that is pushing MPL a bit to much. And now they realise.
That means that some "experienced" easyJet F/O's can have a go in Emirates. An other benefit for easy. These F/O's
might not leave for BA than because they have ticked the longhaul box in Emirates. And therefore not increasing the easyJet
package to retain these F/O's.

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