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Originally Posted by av8sean View Post
You guys make me want to cry. In the US I can make $15k a month as a third year pilot with 10% retirement contribution. Work about 12 days per month. This is considered one of the lowest contracts. Pitiful.
Why would anyone sitting on a U.S. legacy contract come to this thread on PPRuNe and brag about his or her contract? Apparently social life isn't included in the other 18-19 days each month. Guessing by your post here however, I'm guessing you are just a troll. Instead of BS-ing us rather tell us about you Micky D salary on the CRJ at Air Wisconsin/MESA/Republic Airways or likewise.

Originally Posted by Tamass
Anyone would be willing to share a recent cruise captain roster based out of BCN or FCO? I would love to see how much off do you actually have at it any different in Gatwick or in amsterdam?
Thank you!
The usual roster contains three, sometimes four flights with two/three of them usually in a w-pattern and one/two standalone/s, two standbys (90 minutes callout), 12-15 days off 5-5/4-4-2/6-4/8-2/10 etc (10 days guaranteed and remaining RD rest on duty or RES reserve 24 hour notice callout standby) average 60-70 block. Gatwick is either the same as Barcelona or (if you are within NUK) only point to point starting and ending in LGW and you'll fly a lot more within NUK (75+bh). Forget AMS. The base is full and even if it opens up again for new guys, there are a shitload of dutch guys in the company with a better seniority than you just waiting for a spot in AMS. Hope that helps for a start.

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