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Originally Posted by BluSdUp View Post
A thin skinned Clinician, are You?
Anyway, Here in Norway we have had AirAmbulance since 1932 when Viggo Widerĝe started with a floatplane saving life in remote places. The Airforce has always had the SAR capability using the Catalina initaly.
In 1978 Dr Jens Moe helped establish the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, and there is a one page summary on that must be mandatory reading for a budding entrepneur like Your self !

This Gang is my heroes as when the sun drops and the storm leads to accidents, off they go on the VFR Night routes low level to pick up the wounded and get them to safety.
Not a place for amateurs , Son.
Its all been tried before, possible the most challenging Heli ops next to logging and Military.

Cpt B
I guess that explains why all these old guys shit themselves at the thought lol
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