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Radiation is the least of your worries.

The crap you breathe day-in day-out in these cabins is what will kill you.
Compressing air without contaminating it is hard enough to achieve even if you actively try, but pushing air through a massive engine lubricated by very warm and massively toxic oils with few ways of preventing it from leaking into the air flow is a perfect recipe for long-exposure contamination... And the evidence is mounting.

Look up 'Aerotoxic syndrome' and why Easyjet suddenly and mysteriously decided to change all of its cabin filters after being sued by one of its pilots who got a medical death sentence from exposure to organophosphates.
Oh, and remember, if you work in the pointy end, you get the full, 100% undiluted stuff straight from the pack.
Maybe I'd rather breathe passenger farts after all.
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