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Originally Posted by Willie Nelson View Post
If Qantas felt that the federal government was going to get involved in multi lateral trade pact that was going to pursue amendments to the Open Skies agreement directed solely at China, then I'm sure that Qantas and Flight Centre for that matter would be able to find the pair that seems to have gone astray. Don't hold your breath.

If anyone seriously thinks Julie Bishop or Steve Ciobo is going to take this up with their Chinese counterparts you've got to be kidding, they have much bigger battles to fight both now and in the future. The Chinese authorities have threatened unilateral inbound bans to both Qantas and Flight Centre. These parliamentarians are already working hard to dispel the propaganda the the CCP is spreading about Australian she being racist and university students being subject to violence and intimidation.

Qantas and flight centre have no room to move in these matters, not because of their lack of cahooneys but largely because of the well established lack of Cahooneys of all governments in the era of trade liberalisation. And before anyone starts saying what about the orange man with tiny hands in America, let's wait and see how it all works out for him before we start getting too carried away with that line of thought.

Don't conflate your homophobia with with the QF board's imperative to safeguard their business.
I actually agree with you, however when the board feel it imperative to weigh in what political and social agendas they see fit it is reeks of weakness and lacks leadership when they have a perfect time to continue such a stance. In this instance they have actually stuck to what they do best and that is run an airline. But you cannot have your foot in both camps. They should keep out of all politics full stop! Or at the very least be consistent
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