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Originally Posted by cattletruck View Post
AUSTRALIA is NOT CHINA...but give it a few more years...
Anyone doubting the trajectory of the 'relationship' with China that Australia sleepwalked itself in, ought get themselves a copy of Professor Clive Hamilton's book 'Silent Invasion'. This is the book dropped by two publishers, of course in no way would a 'friendly' trading partner attempt to influence anyone. That Australia has allowed Chinese influence to the level it has, pumping house prices with illicit cash has meant that this issue got little attention outside the sphere of Australia's security and intelligence organisation who unlike the various weasels at all levels of politics actually work in the national interest.

Give little Napoleon a break. He is a bully only when he is the bigger man. Was very happy to use company funds where it suited him as a social campaigner. He is a reflection of modern Australia, happy to take the money from a brutal dictatorship, as he was to ignore the dystopian elements relating to personal conduct in the UAE that he willing exposed his customers to.
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