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Any new info KCAA CPL Conversion?

I have read quite a bit about the Kenyan CPL conversion process on this forum. However, the threads are quite old. I was wondering if there's anyone who has done the exam in the last 12 months or so, who would kindly like to share their experience. I have few questions to ask please.

1) In the posts i have read, composite paper has questions from the 14 JAA ATPL subjects. I talked to a guy who did it a few years ago who told it's from the 8 KCAA CPL subjects. Radio telephony is done separately. Was there a change or an update?
2) Some people have offered to sell question banks for studying. They say it's all i need to study for a pass. One told me each subject has 700 questions, about 5600 for the 8 subjects. From the little look i had, the questions seemed to be direct screenshots of the CPLA exams. Are they legit? Is it legal? Will I be getting myself into trouble by buying these questions? They're being sold at ridiculously expensive prices. It has been mentioned on this forum that the databank has 24,000 questions!
3) Are electronic flight computers allowed for the composite paper? I have an FAA CPL and used the ASA CX2 throughout my training. I can use the manual one as well. Just want to be sure which one to show up with.
4) For those who have done it, how many questions from each subject? Were they equally divided? Did the test focus on particular subjects?
5) What next after the theory paper? Two people have told me different things. One did a fight simulator session and got his license. The other one did a normal flight VFR flight. According to the info here and on the Civil Aviation act, there is an initial instrument flight test to be done. Does it include everything under IFR? I mean holds, tracking and intercepting, some manuevres (stalls, slow flights, steep turns under the hood), partial panel, DME arcs, departure and arrival procedures, approaches, missed approaches etc <--are all these tested? I haven't received concrete info on this.
5) Is the passmark on the test still 70%?
6) Are the questions in the composite paper taken from the Kenyan CPL question bank?

I will highly appreciate any feedback. I have tried calling KCAA (both head office and Wilson office) but calls are never picked. Flight schools that i could talk to were only keen to get me to join their conversion programs. I plan on self studying for the composite paper and then join a school to prepare for the flight/simulator portion of the test. Looking forward to any feedback.
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