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Any new info KCAA CPL Conversion?

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Any new info KCAA CPL Conversion?

Old 17th May 2018, 21:33
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Any new info KCAA CPL Conversion?

I have read quite a bit about the Kenyan CPL conversion process on this forum. However, the threads are quite old. I was wondering if there's anyone who has done the exam in the last 12 months or so, who would kindly like to share their experience. I have few questions to ask please.

1) In the posts i have read, composite paper has questions from the 14 JAA ATPL subjects. I talked to a guy who did it a few years ago who told it's from the 8 KCAA CPL subjects. Radio telephony is done separately. Was there a change or an update?
2) Some people have offered to sell question banks for studying. They say it's all i need to study for a pass. One told me each subject has 700 questions, about 5600 for the 8 subjects. From the little look i had, the questions seemed to be direct screenshots of the CPLA exams. Are they legit? Is it legal? Will I be getting myself into trouble by buying these questions? They're being sold at ridiculously expensive prices. It has been mentioned on this forum that the databank has 24,000 questions!
3) Are electronic flight computers allowed for the composite paper? I have an FAA CPL and used the ASA CX2 throughout my training. I can use the manual one as well. Just want to be sure which one to show up with.
4) For those who have done it, how many questions from each subject? Were they equally divided? Did the test focus on particular subjects?
5) What next after the theory paper? Two people have told me different things. One did a fight simulator session and got his license. The other one did a normal flight VFR flight. According to the info here and on the Civil Aviation act, there is an initial instrument flight test to be done. Does it include everything under IFR? I mean holds, tracking and intercepting, some manuevres (stalls, slow flights, steep turns under the hood), partial panel, DME arcs, departure and arrival procedures, approaches, missed approaches etc <--are all these tested? I haven't received concrete info on this.
5) Is the passmark on the test still 70%?
6) Are the questions in the composite paper taken from the Kenyan CPL question bank?

I will highly appreciate any feedback. I have tried calling KCAA (both head office and Wilson office) but calls are never picked. Flight schools that i could talk to were only keen to get me to join their conversion programs. I plan on self studying for the composite paper and then join a school to prepare for the flight/simulator portion of the test. Looking forward to any feedback.
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Old 21st May 2018, 13:43
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Hi let me help where I can.

1) Yes it's 8 CPL subjects. For RT I am not too sure what criteria they use but as long as you had a level 6 you'll be issued the certificate, of course, after paying the issuance fee.
2) Some question banks are quite legit and some even spot on. Truth is one can ace these exams by studying for a month or two considering the ambit of the exam. However, the question banks significantly reduce study time especially if you have time constraints (you have to have flown 6 hours PIC in the last 6 months for the regulator to issue you a CPL). Well on the issue of legality eeemmmm. Expensive you say? It sometimes feels like there are 10,000 pilots having between 0-1000 hours, people at HKNW know this and easily take advantage of people's gullibility and sometimes ignorance. You'll soon know what I'm talking about.
3) No Flight computers allowed my friend, back to 'stone-age times', whiz wheel.
4) No it wasn't. Questions from Flight Planning and Nav were not so many. My test focused on HP, Met, Air law &amp; Op Procedures.
5) I am not too sure that your friend got an IR just by flying in the SIM at least not with our KCAA. "There is an initial instrument flight test to be done..." Very true. Naah, they have something they coined, Route 1. Which is just headings, radials and DME distances you follow so that you can avoid traffic inbound Jomo and prohibited areas in the city and leads you to a fix from which your approach into Jomo begins. DME arcs, partial panels, SIDS/STARS won't be tested. For the manoeuvres different schools might take you through them but you won't do them during your IR check ride. Oh, you'll do a missed approach back to Wilson airport, but not the published missed approach procedure, don't worry they'll show you... Yes 70%
6) Yes. Luckily it is the only exam you'll have to sit for in order to get a Kenyan CPL. To get a Multi/IR you need to have 40 hours Instrument time, 20 of which can be done in a simulator. The other 20 must be in an actual aircraft, for issuance of a Multi IR 15 hours have to be in an actual Multi Aircraft. I see some chaps who trained in the US coming back with less than 15 hours in an actual Multi-aircraft. Word of advice, go to each school and ask for a quote then compare. As for KCAA, try incessantly and when you get through, ask to speak to Licensing, you may just land on a kind guy who'll assist. All the best!

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Old 11th Dec 2018, 18:58
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Hi all,
I am currently undertaking my training course in Belgrade,Serbia and will be issued with an EASA CPL(what used to be JAA). I am a Kenyan citizen and would like to go home and fly there. Can anyone kindly advise on any recent info on conversion from EASA TO KCAA licence?
Thank you
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Old 27th Dec 2018, 19:58
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Nothing new

Same as above, nothing new. If you want multi IR on your Kenyan licence, come with 15hrs of instrument time on the multi. Trickiest part is passing the composite paper. The database was recently changed.
Basically, have 10hrs PIC in the last six months to sit the composite paper. Have with you a current medical certificate from the country that issued your CPL. Then apply for Kenyan SPL (about a week to process, may take longer). You have to have a Kenyan medical certificate when applying for the SPL. If EASA offers type rating on training aircrafts, you can start preparing for the flight test right away. If not, you will have sit for a type rating theory exam on desired aircraft (aircraft you chose will be on your licence) then pass a form 64 test (practical part of the type rating exam). Beware, KCAA is VERY stressful and frustrating to deal with. Prepare yourself for disappointments. When ready, let me know and i will give you a contact. An instructor at Wilson well versed with conversion stuff.
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Old 28th Dec 2018, 13:01
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Serbian license is not Easa. It is ICAO.
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Old 18th Jan 2020, 10:57
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How long did it take you to take the exam after application

#May i request For the Contact planning for this process on April
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Old 26th Oct 2020, 20:02
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if youd be so kind as to share that contact over here as well, would like to start that conversion process as well
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Old 27th Oct 2020, 15:32
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Takes a very long time ! Yes 8 exams
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Old 3rd Jul 2021, 11:34
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Hey could you help me with that contact kindly. I am going through a renewal as we speak.
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 10:54
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are you renewing your cpl?
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Old 1st Jan 2022, 11:46
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An update for those who might be interested: I did the conversion exam in late 2021.

Costs 200 USD to book. Pass mark: 70%. 100 questions (multiple choice, computer-based) with an allocated time of 2.5 hours. CX3/Elec flight computers ALLOWED provided you are writing CPL and higher conversion exams. PPL conversion exam prohibits their use. Exam is based on EASA (75% of questions) and SACAA (20%) question banks as well as a few KCAA questions (5%). All subjects are covered in the exam: Human Performance, General Navigation, Radio aids, Meteorology, Air law, Operational procedures (IROP), Instruments, Flight Planning, Principles of flight, Aircraft Technical and general, etc. Pay particular attention to calculation and formula-based questions. These seem to be worth more marks than word-based questions. Some questions will be impossible to answer without guessing. E.g., 2 of the questions started with the phrase “in the diagram below…”, however, there was NO DIAGRAM in either question. Upon completion you will see your results on the home page of the exam system on the computer that you used after clicking submit.

The exam is now done in the same building as the licensing office (Door 5m from main desk RHS) on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 8AM. Showed up and was told my name was not in the system. Luckily got a good invigilator, J, who proceeded to personally put my name in after I showed him proof of payment (carry your receipt!).

Good Luck
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