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So you estimated the cloud base and it appeared to be 500í above the hills. It must have been legal eventually for the Typhoon to get through.

Derwemt Dam is a grade one nightmare to reach in foul weather. The flow arrows, controlled airspace and the vaguaries of Peak District weather make it somewhere most of us avoid on anything but a perfect day.

Despite all of this, in the future the RAF should ignore all the laws of VFR flying and press on regardless to make a flypast for the pleasure of several thousand people. After all, flouting rules in order to make a public flypast would go down very well in the post Shoreham world.

I can guarantee that those involved will have made every effort to get there but nobody can change the weather. It sounds like communication was the only thing that they could have controlled better.

As for all weather calability, that was the Tornadoís job, not Tyohoon as already mentioned. Also, to be clear, even the Tornado would not have been allowed to engage TFR through the Peak District.

Rules are rules Iím afraid.

I get that you and many other people were annoyed but at least there is not a Typhoon shaped crater somewhere in the side of a hill.

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