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The general consensus was they could understand the Lanc not turning up, it had been posted on the web it might not make it due to weather the night before, people understood that and I tried to explain to those near me that it was not necessarily the weather at the dams that could be the issue, more the weather at Coningsby, the kicker was the failed replacement Typhoon appearance which was a mega downer for the crowds, who then got kicked in the nuts by it turning up as people were leaving after they had announced it wasn't coming, it would have been better if he simply didn't bother to turn up, but the fact he did after people had sat or stood waiting up to six to seven hours and then we're not in a position to see it really turned the proverbial knife.

i was easy with it having been at the EMA Vulcan farce and knowing these things happen,and had a plan B to fall back on, a lot of disappointed folks didn't.

several words spring to mind for the moaning minis.... None of which are repeatable here. Remember they don't ave hangars full of em now and we only have one left....
Those moaning minis as you call them pay for the RAF, those moaning minis can often be the voice and public opinion that prevents swaging cuts to the armed forces, you should remember that.
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