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Your numbers are about right. 2 flaws. You have not taken into account the provident fund. No clue how much an junior FO takes but my guess is you save another CAD$1200 a month on top of it. The other flaw is that I think you under estimate the cost of food ( at home or outside) in Dubai. Its quite expensive, think New York/Londen.

Yes there are some hidden fees here and there, but we are talking dirhams here. Always found it a bit embarrassing hearing guys bitching about there once a year CAD$60 liquor permit while clearing CAD$25.000 a month.

Your CAD$500 for Ubers and taxis is enough. I would recommend a car, you will not regret during the summer!! You pick em up dirt cheap over here. Insurance and petrol compared to back home is cheap. For your cheap leisure take the EPC membership. Dirt cheap , access to the best gyms, beachclubs, tennis, squash, pools, golf in DXB.

The key is to stay single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came with a family in tow, but that was 13 years ago. Would not recommend that anymore.
Stay 7 years, bond gone, provident fund in the pocket, take the savings and start again back home in a junior position but with a nice pension fund in the back pocket, and a Nice expat experience.

Forget about Qatar. Its a shit hole. It will only work for young single Europeans who do a bit of commuting to europe. To big of a distance for you.
Thanks for your response! So how does the provident fund work? To my understanding 5 percent off your paycheck? Cant touch that money for how long? Where does that money get invested? Is there interest being applied to that? Bond is 7 years?

I'm single now. I assume there wouldn't be any time to date?? My guess days off are spent catching up or resting.

I spent a week in Qatar 3 years ago. Boss had a trip there. I enjoyed my time, however, I was also staying at the 4 seasons where he was sleeping. It was a nice spot, but, I realize that's not reality. Tell me why Qatar not the place to be?

Again, thank you!!
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