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Originally Posted by harry the cod View Post

Morale amongst crew is certainly mixed. What is becoming evident is the profile of those that stay and those that leave. We are slowly, but surely, becoming an airline made up of predominantly African, Indian/Pakistani and Arab pursers & CSVs with the same cultural background bringing up the rear along with a lot of Eastern Europeans. Many of the Western Europeans, Brits and US/Canadian & Australian crew are beyond the lies, working like dogs and being treated like school kids. Can you blame them?

Just heard recently that a manager, initials SS and ex BA, recently spoke up about a few things that are not right in the Company in his capacity. Next day, called to a meeting and given 48 hours notice to leave. I must add that this is purely a rumour so maybe one of our colleagues from IFS/regulatory affairs can confirm or elaborate. Apparently a good guy, approachable, hard working and with ethics.

Senior management obviously don't want to hear the truth and are more concerned with employing sycophantic 'yes' people who massage their over inflated egos. Thursday will be very telling but I'm not holding my breath!

I will, as always, remain positive and realistic but it's becoming harder and harder when faced with the constant incompetence, laziness, nepotism and glaring arrogance exhibited by some senior management.

In 16 years, it hasn't really changed. Looking back, the loss of Sir MF (RIP) was the real turning point of what was a great Company to work for.

You know what worries me about this post, Harry..( and I am not trying to be funny) is the first time I have ever sensed you are slightly despondent. Normally, as you are the height of optimism..always "a glass half full" type of guy. I admit, sometimes I think you might be too positive for your own good...but credit where credit is due, no matter what has happened, you always can put a positive ( and as you say realistic) outlook on things.
So when i read a post, where I detect for the first time, that even Harry is getting a tad despondent, it makes we worry just how bad things really are!!
I agree with your comments about Sir MF BTW, when he left (retired), that marked the start of the down hill run.

Regards SOPS
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