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I understand that a business needs to be lean and profitable, but then there is anorexic.

Emirates prime source of income is passengers, and by cutting the service to them day in day out, what is there to keep them coming? First and business class passengers being told that meal choices are unavailable because someone has decided this is a good and sensible cost saving. Then we see that there are wines costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars a bottle. Cutting the food but serving such costly wines etc makes no sense to me at all. Now we further reduce the staff to serve them. These are people who have paid $20,000 for a return ticket to the US.

The experience levels on the flight deck have plummeted. People paying premium prices for a premium service expect exactly that. Passengers flying budget flights on low-cost carriers know that they generally have low experience pilots flying them but do they realise or expect that on a premium product? You buy a Ferrari you don't expect Ford engine.....
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