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Obviously TBMLegend is not up to speed with comments in another thread (Flight review for the night rating) from an aviator of the stature no less than Dick Smith, but quick to criticise and insult others. Must have been a schoolyard bully in earlier times. I spent some time at Parafield in the last couple of days talking to Service organisations and others, and the common thread is it's really quiet. My Avionics guy chased down a small fault for me and said it took 4 hours but I would not be charged for - he said he had nothing else or better to do. Another LAME on the field had no work, no staff left and is catching up with paperwork.

As I said in my earlier post, it's a noble cause by AOPA, but time to push back was 20 years ago. Now you'd be taking on entrenched government organisations with unlimited resources, time and money, and quite frankly, you'd be pissing in the wind. The only way to get the message across (now) would be CFMEU sytyle militant action. Imagine if somebody blockaded Sydney Airport for a couple of days and seriously disrupted passenger movement - then and only then would you get the attention of politicians and bureaucrats.

Dick Smith wrote; (emphasis by Ovation)

whilst CASA fights tooth and nail to make sure the Act is not changed to consider both cost and safety, I believe the industry is doomed. I can’t yet see a stop to the one-way ratchet of increasing costs.

You may not know but their budget has gone from $90 million to $180 million in 16 years. Presumably this means more and more people writing more and more expensive regulations.

You have to understand that it is sort of a religious mantra “Safety is the most important consideration – clearly after cost – especially when GA is concerned.” So even though I will keep working on trying to get the Act changed and some sensible decisions made, my advice is in the meantime is to suggest that people desist from any commercial involvement with aviation unless they want to get their fingers badly burnt.

You only have to walk around Bankstown airport to see the number of businesses closed – many of them where the owners have lost everything..
So Mr TBMLegend which one of us is going to tell Dick Smith to "Just go play with your train set or tele thank you"
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