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Originally Posted by r10bbr View Post
when your part of the MPL programme of one of these middle eastern airways and a citizen , there's no interviews needed/ no such thing as a technical interview just a cosy chat if that but the rest follows as having mint tea and some nargila

Being honest with you r10bbr, whilst I'll give you that many parts of the theory are not the most relevant, if you think you're gonna pass the exams then you can relax for the rest of your pilot life you're in for a major surprise. Especially if you're studying modular or untagged. You will need to demonstrate superior technical knowledge at any interview you come across, and no they are not light cosy chats. Perhaps at the beginning, but they will get down to business with you pretty quick. They have desks full of thousands of CVs and no shortage of people with adequate technical knowledge, why should they pick someone who has below average knowledge and also no desire to want to improve on this knowledge.

There are no known assessments within the UK or the rest of Europe that don't require you demonstrate technical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is not only beneficial for the knowledge in itself, but it also demonstrates that you have at least average intelligence if you can learn and understand lots of it.

I heavily suggest you pull your socks up and take a good dose of reality if you are serious about becoming a pilot and not someone with just a sheet of paper stating they've done some exams.

EDIT: I've just read you seem to think you're already in a position to write ryanair down as your employer. This is a disastrous error of judgment on your behalf, sir. You will not last 5 minutes in an interview with them if what you've written on here is anything to go by. A major part of their interview is technical knowledge alone.

I wish you luck.
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