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Flew from Stansted to Dundee on Wednesday morning.

6 pax disembarked from the DND STN, 10 of us boarded northbound.
Back on Thursday evening - I think the plane sits on the apron all day after it's morning arrival - and about 15-20 pax boarded.

The number of passengers who argued with the airport staff about their luggage size... completely unaware that a Ryanair 737 is a different beast to a Saab 340! Yes - they name dropped!

Service was very nice - there was an unaccompanied passenger and Loganair were excellent with them.

But Stansted. Urgh.
It is much improved - the security queues are insane - although to their credit - they move really quite quickly.

It doesn't really matter if there are 200 destinations from Stansted - you're going to be left high and dry if Loganair are late (or indeed your inbound flight from one of the over 200 destinations)...

I do think Southend or London City would be better for Loganair, but I imagine Stansted is cheap.
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