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Originally Posted by Pilotless View Post
The expectation of pay 'award' bemuses me, not only in the term itself (an award for what?), but the expectation that an employer is somehow duty-bound to pay more for nothing in return. No they are not.

Doubters of this hard-nosed view might like to heed the demise of 3,000 jobs at Toys R Us and 2,500 jobs at Maplin due to work practices and technological innovation at Amazon and othr Gig economy operators, as a marker to future pilot job security - irrespective of the swingometer suggesting an uptick in demand.

As airlines stand to make huge savings from artificial intelligence and autonomous aircraft, pilots should make themselves as cheap as possible if they are to justify their existence in 10 to 15 years from now, look ahead a bit and drop altogether ideas their 'value' to employers. Regretfully, the job is already beyond its sell-by-date and justification making any pay 'award' is unwarranted; a pay decrease, maybe.
You get pay award/increases whatever you want to call them for two reasons.
1. To allow for inflation, otherwise you are taking a cut every year.
2. To share in the good times, so not only the board of directors fill their pockets.
and...... To make up for the times when the same b.o.d's have come to you and asked you to take a pay cut because times are hard.

Get real! We aren't shelf stackers and checkout staff at Maplins ToysRus. Who probably wouldn't be losing their jobs if the overpaid BoD's had done their jobs properly.
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