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Originally Posted by harry the cod View Post

Please at least get the facts correct.

The A fund, ie the Company contribution, is the only one of the three that can be rightfully and legally retained by the Company in the event of dismissal. The B & C fund are kept by yourself regardless of how you leave employment.

It is NOT the entire fund.

According to Nick Foxton.. if he is to be believed.. and also Peter Shaw at Mondial, the Provident fund is under the trustees overseas and is in our names. The only way the company can take our A fund, is if EK can prove to the trustees that you did something really bad- such as purposely damage an airplane, assault someone etc- ie a real crime. Dismissal is not grounds for them to keep the A fund. Apparently if they did try this it could be appealed overseas and they would have a hard time proving why they could take this money from us.. as it actually is in our names. So.. does anyone actually KNOW someone who was fired and had their A fund revoked?
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