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I think you misunderstand me. I WANT Ryanair to have all of those things and MORE. I am on your side. Unless and until this is the case, then every airline pilot in all European airlines will suffer the consequences of Ryanair’s poor terms and conditions. And they are crap, no matter how good a fixed roster is perceived to be!

The pension contributions are paltry. Most airlines offer a percentage of the salary, significantly higher. In the region of 10-18%. EVERYONE retires one day.

It has taken the best part of 20 years for the pilot fraternity in Ryanair to realise that the power to change things is in their hands. The ones that do not stay and choose to move to other airlines, as so many have, will already be moving to terms and conditions that are significantly less than they were only a few years ago, as airlines attempt to mirror FRs poor conditions.
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