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Originally Posted by Boeing 7E7 View Post
-Is this as a Ďcontract pilotí or a Ryanair employee?
- what is the company pension contribution?
- do you get LoL?
- private medical insurance?
- Private Health Insurance?
- free uniforms?
- company pay for Aircrew Medical?
- share save schemes?
- etc

If you add all these up and then take it away from the net figure quoted, I think you will find that Ryanairís total remuneration is woefully low - in comparison to other comparable airlines.
If you were any way informed you would know that itís £119 to £125 as a Ryanair employee. Itís about 137k as an LTC as a Ryanair employee. The pension is 8k contribution for Captains and the company match another 8k. This is the PRESENT situation.

The LOL and other benefits that are plainly missing as you mentioned are high on the unions agenda across all the countries that are in talks. If they are successful in attaining these benefits then we will have a situation where coupled with the money and roster, there wonít be many outfits that can match it as an overall package regardless of how much you hate the paint on the side of the aircraft.

Letís see in a couple of months are you saying the same thing and then letís make your comparison.
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