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Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

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*ZY Cad*t C**t*acts

Hi All, Iím stuck i* th* *****tual l*** *f FT* **s*a*ch a*d hav* b*** havi*g a ga*d** at CTCís w*bsit* *v** th* *ast w**k** S*m* f*i**ds *f f*i**ds hav* b*** th*** a*d s**m c**vi*c*d that *f all th* i*t*g*at*d **ti**s, it is th* b*st; th* mai* c**t*ibut** t* which is th*i* *lac*m**t **c**d with *asyj*t** T* th* u*assumi*g wa**ab* th*** a** tw* **ut*s if y*u **ally hav* y*u* h*a*t s*t ** *asyj*t** G*i*g th**ugh CTC a*d Fl*xic**w ** *AA a*d *a*c** G*i*g f**m *ut *f dat* i*f**mati** ** **j* a*d ***vi*us **sts ** ***u**, Fl*xic**w *il*ts s***d 8 m**ths li** t*ai*i*g with a **ssibl* *ff** *f a t*m***a*y c**t*act th***aft** f** what*v** l**gth *f tim*** I d**ít hav* much i*f**mati** ** *a*c** I th*ught it b*st t* ask th*s* b*tt** i*f**m*d a*d ** th* g**u*d ab*ut a f*w *f th*s* issu*s? A** Fl*xic**w F*s a*y b*tt** *ff tha* *a*c F*s ** vic*-v**sa? Wh*** a** cad*ts *lac*d, a*d, if th* a*sw** is c**ti***tal *u****, a** th*** *****tu*iti*s t* m*v* t* a*y UK bas*s? A** th*** a*y th**sh*lds f** th* *ff**i*g *f a ***ma***t c**t*act a*d a** th*y **ly availabl* at c**tai* bas*s? Tha*ks i* adva*c***
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**ly 1 c*it**ia f** *ith**, ca* y*u b**d *v** a*d t*uch y*u* t**s?
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Als* th*y wa*t t* k**w if y*u lik* y*u* *a*i*g, s***y, shafti*g with ** with*ut lub*** Th* c****ct a*sw** is **** M*** c*m*a*y ***s** lik*** Y*s im*li*s y*u c*uld b* *a*tial t* u*i** m*mb**shi* a*d fi*ally f**l y*u w*** tak** adva*tag* *f i* y*u* d*licat* s*lf**
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I'd ask agai* i* a w**k ** s*; a l*t will cha*g* if th* *ay d*al g**s th**ugh**
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Devil W*w!

&qu*t;W**st cas* sc**a*i* y*u w*uld hav* a disc*u*t*d 320 ty** *ati*g with a**u*d 500 h*u*s&qu*t; W*w! S* i s***d £120k with CTC a*d g*t t* fly *ass**g**s f** **xt t* **thi*g b*f*** b*i*g l*t g* t* f**d f** mys*lf a*d *ay *ff th*s* l*a*s! B*illia*t! Wh*** d* I sig*?!! *h, ha*g ** I h*a*d a**th** UK L*C* *ff**i*g B737 *ati*g a*d a full tim* j*b - 3 y*a* **duci*g b**d (**ly *ay if I l*av* *a*ly), *ay £22k u*d** t*ai*i*g a*d £43k ** li** *lus flight *ay************** a*d th*y tak* all backg**u*ds i*cludi*g cad*ts, *x mil, GA, biz j*t *il*ts, *th** ai*li**s, tu*b* **** *il*ts********** Wh* w*uld hav* th*ught it **ssibl*!
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A*g*l: £120k is a bit u*fai* a*d *xagg**at*d at b*st** I*cludi*g i*su*a*c* a*d livi*g *x***s*s, th* CTC I*t*g*at*d c*st is a**u*d £85,000 which is ** *a* with *AA a*d FT*** £93,000 with ty** *ati*g, fai* ***ugh, but su**ly m*st ****at**s w*uld wa*t m*** tha* £8,000 f** this a*yways? Th* UK L*C* y*u s**ak *f s*u*ds v**y a***ali*g, alth*ugh with*ut th* *am* I ca***t **s*a*ch it! Als*, th* fact that th*y tak* ** all ki*ds *f backg**u*ds is *f ** us* t* a* ab-i*iti* cad*t a*d if a*ythi*g w*uld **duc* my cha*c*s **? If it's wh* I thi*k y*u'** talki*g ab*ut th** y*s, it w*uld b* g**at situati** t* b* i*** But I da** say that this c*m*a*y w*uld b* **ly b* taki*g i* a ha*dful *f **siti**s at a tim* c*m*a**d t* *th** ****at**s a*d as such y*u'd hav* t* b* v**y v**y lucky t* b* availabl* wh** th*y a** hi*i*g** Wh** I say w**st cas* sc**a*i*, this is **lativ*ly s**aki*g**** B*tt** t* b* *ut th*** with h*u*s ** ty** *ath** tha* **thi*g at all su**ly? I a****ciat* y*u'** all wa**i*g *f th* situati** th* i*dust*y but I'm **ly t*yi*g t* i*f**m mys*lf s* I ca* mak* th* b*st *f this situati** sh*uld I d*cid* t* sta*t t*ai*i*g this y*a*** As such, I'm **ly t*yi*g t* k*** th* th**ad ** t**ic with th* qu*sti**s I ask*d which a** still u*a*sw***d**
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W**d ** th* st***t is that *asyj*t hav* al**ady t*ld CTC th*y hav* ** w**k f** 2 *f th*i* c*u*s*s this y*a* b*y**d th* 8 m**th 't*ai*i*g' ***i*d**
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D* Fl*xic**w fly much i* th* wi*t** m**ths? I h*a*d a* av**ag* tak* h*m* figu** f** a* *ZY F* ** fl*xic**w is ci*c £4k****** su**ly **t i* wi*t** ** *ay by h*u***
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My av**ag* tak* h*m* *v** th* wh*l* y*a* is £2400 *** m**th (but th** £1250 g**s ** my l*a***) *ay will g* u* 20% wh** y*u hit 1500 h*u*s** I'v* had ***tty l*w h*u*s this last y*a* c*m*a**d t* my c*ll*agu*s at *th** bas*s s* *bvi*usly th*s* that a** g*tti*g m*** w**k a** taki*g h*m* m***** £4000 is slightly u***alistic I thi*k b*f*** 1500 h*u*s but **ssibl* aft** 1500 h*u*s i* th* summ** m**ths** I'v* **v** s*** that ki*d *f *ay *ack*t****** L*a* ***aym**ts a** much high** tha* i*itially *la***d b*caus* I had t* d*f** *aym**ts f** ab*ut a y*a*** S* y*u c*uld **ck** ** *ayi*g l*ss tha* that if y*u a** f**li*g lucky/**timistic** H*w*v**, I'v* h*a*d simila* *um*u*s ab*ut th* lat*st batch *f CTC t*ai***s **t b*i*g h*ld aft** this c*mi*g summ** **ds ** s* thi*gs a** l**ki*g slightly **ssimistic at th* m*m**t** *a*c guys hav* t* *ay f** th*i* ty** *ati*gs u* f***t which is d*ma*di*g t* say th* l*ast** But th* c*st is tax d*ductibl* b*caus* y*u s*t u* y*u* *w* c*m*a*y** As a **sult *f *ayi*g m*** u* f***t th* *a*c guys hav* a slightly b*tt** d*al i* t**ms *f h*u*ly *at* but th***'s **ly ab*ut £2 *** h*u* i* it**
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Hi guys, ** *ff**c* but I'm g*tti*g a littl* bit ti**d *f all th* b*llshit ab*ut th* c**t*acts** My situati**: - *a*c c**t*act - **lativ*ly qui*t bas* - *x***i**c* l*v*l (i***** *ay scal*): l*ss tha* 500 *ZY fact***d h*u*s I*itially I had t* *ay a**u*d GB* 35**000,- f** th* ty** *ati*g but I g*t th* VAT back as I am 's*lf *m*l*y*d'** S* i* th* **d th* T* c*st 29**787,- This is a busi**ss *x***s* a*d I'm s***adi*g it *v** a* *l*v** m**th ***i*d s* th* am*u*t *f tax I hav* t* *ay is vi*tually z***** S* th* facts ab*ut my *a**i*gs: Av**ag* tak* h*m* *ay: GB* 3295,- High*st: GB* 4187,- L*w*st: GB* 1408,- (This was **v*mb** as it is th* qui*t*st m**th a*d I had *** w**k *f l*av*) As th* h*u*s a** quit* l*w du*i*g th* wi*t** m**ths th*** is s*m*thi*g lik* a wi*t** h*u*s ***t*cti** sch*m*** What this m*a*s is that y*u g*t 200 h*u*s *aid ** matt** h*w ma*y y*u actually fly f**m th* 1st *f **v*mb** u*til 30th *f A**il** I'd lik* t* **i*t *ut that I d**'t wa*t t* mak* it l**k lik* its all *ic* a*d that th*** a** ** **gativ* sid*s! (Thi*k *f ** ***si**, ** duty *ay, ** **al j*b s*cu*ity, *tc**) Its just that I'm **w fi*ally abl* t* mak* h*u*s, *ay *ff my d*bt a*d *ZY has mad* th* high*st ***fit *v** i* 2011 wh*** a l*t *f *th** c*m*a*i*s **ly g*t d***** i*t* ***bl*ms** This t*g*th** with th* i*t**ti** *f *m*l*yi*g 300 fl*xi c**w ** ***ma***t c**t*acts i* 2012 giv*s m* a g**d f**li*g ab*ut th* futu** a*d I thi*k that's s*m*thi*g us*ful i* th*s* tim*s!
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''Fl*xic**w *il*ts s***d 8 m**ths li** t*ai*i*g with a **ssibl* *ff** *f a t*m***a*y c**t*act th***aft** f** what*v** l**gth *f tim***'' Is a*y*** *ls* d*s*ai*i*g at h*w l*w *u* i*dust*y has su*k?
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** us That s*u*ds a l*t m*** tha* s*v**al cl*s* f*i**ds *f mi** wh* fly m*** tha* that** I w**d** if this is du* t* *layi*g with th* tax b*i*g 's*lf *m*l*y*d'** I w*uld b* cauti*us *f th* s*lf *m*l*y*d issu*** Acc**di*g t* HM*C y*u a***'t** U*l*ss y*u fly f** *th**s ** y*u* days away f**m *ZY** Th* way thi*gs a** I'd b* k***i*g a stash i* cas* th* tax ma* c*m*s k**cki*g**
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*ZY has mad* th* high*st ***fit *v** i* 2011 !!! Y*t a** still *ff**i*g th*s* a**alli*g c**t*acts ********************Th* ma*ag*m**t a*d acc*u*ta*ts must b* laughi*g all th* way t* th*i* *v** i*c**asi*g ba*k bala*c*!!! As Da* Wi*t**la*d says it is just utt**ly d*s*ai*i*g h*w l*w *u* i*dust*y has su*k!
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**vus, Y*u sh*uld b* subj*ct t* I*35** **ad: HM **v**u* &am*; Cust*ms: I thi*k y*u'll b* abl* t* a*sw** Y*S t* m*st *f th*s* qu*sti**s** If I w*** y*u, I'd k*** a chu*k *f y*u* *ast *a**i*gs, si*c* th* tax ma* ca* g* back 7 y*a*s t* claim what h* thi*ks h*'s du*** Y*u als* ***d t* b* ca**ful *f VAT *ul*s** Su**lyi*g s**vic*s i* *xc*ss *f th* VAT th**sh*ld will m*a* y*u'll b* subj*ct t* that t****
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This is th* i**vitabl*, w*ll sig***st*d a*d a*gu*d at th* tim*, **sult *f ****l* s*lf s***s**i*g >£100k t*ai*i*g *lac*s** D*s*it* th* c**dit c*u*ch** I* c**t*ast t* th* **c*ssi**** **ga*dl*ss *f th* cu****t c**t*acts** CTC a*d *xf**d hav* qu*u*s a**u*d th* bl*ck** Th* ma*k*t is t*lli*g us s*m*thi*g** Th* ma*k*t is t*lli*g us that th* **ic* *f Fi*st *ffic**s has fu*th** t* fall** U*til that qu*u* g*ts sh**t** this is what will ha****** D*aggi*g us all d*w* with it** Th* qu*u* is **t g*tti*g sh**t**** I th*ught it w*uld** I **ally did** But I w**'t li*** WWW
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Robert G Mugabe
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WWW As Ma*ti* Luth** Ki*g said &qu*t; I had a d**am &qu*t; I hav* ** sym*athy f** a*y*** wh* sig*s u* f** th*s* *i** d**ams** I* fact I fly with ****l* wh* a** s* d*s***at* t* fly that th*y *****t wh** sick** **t a*y m***** I shall *ffl*ad th*m ** *****t if I c**sid** th*m u*fit t* fly** A c**w m*mb** shall **t ***f**m duti*s ** a* a****la** if a**licabl* m*dical **qui**m**ts a** **t fulfill*d, ** if h*/sh* is i* a*y d*ubt *f b*i*g abl* t* acc*m*lish his/h** assig**d duti*s**Ma*y m*dicati**s may hav* adv**s* *ff*cts ** th* ***v*us syst*m, which may b* m*** ma*k*d i* flight tha* ** th* g**u*d** As a g****al *ul*, if a c**w m*mb** fi*ds it **c*ssa*y t* tak*, ** has b*** ***sc*ib*d s*m* f**m *f m*dicati**, his fit**ss t* fly must b* sus**ct, a*d h* sh*uld s**k m*dical advic* b*f*** c**ti*ui*g with flyi*g duti*s** Ma*y d*ugs l*w** ****ati**al *ffici**cy a*d im*ai* judg*m**t a*d **acti** tim*** C**w m*mb**s sh*uld b* awa** that ma*y d*ugs, th*i* d*sag* a*d us*, whil* suitabl* f** family m*mb**s a*d *ass**g**s may b* u*suitabl* f** c**w** C*mm**ly ***sc*ib*d d*ugs i* th* f*ll*wi*g class*s may hav* ***l**g*d *ff*cts ** ***f**ma*c*:
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Just t* add my littl* bit t* th* tak*h*m* *ay d*bat*** LGW F*** L*a* ***aym**ts £1142 */m** Bills f** th*s* wh* a** **t us* t* *ayi*g th*m a** a**u*d £600, b**k** d*w* as f*ll*ws (sha*i*g with gf - *umb**s a** my half): ***t: 400 C*u*cil Tax: 45 Gas/*l*ct*ic: 21 I*t****t/*h***: 10 TV Lic**c*: 6 C**t**ts I*s: 4**50 Wat** bill: 4 Th* **st a** my s*l* c*sts: Ca* I*su*a*c*: 45 L*ss *f lic**c* i*s: 22 M*bil*: 11 BAL*A: 10 Lif* i*s: 5 C**dit ca*d ***aym**t a*d *th** l*a*: 22 *th** c*sts y*u hav* *ach y*a* - **ad tax: 240 M*dical: 100-150 B**ad*w*: 35 Th* f*ll*wi*g is **T tak*h*m* *ay (**t is aft** tax/*I/stud**t l*a* d*ducti**s) f*ll*w*d by th* am*u*t l*ft *ach m**th aft** taki*g away l*a* ***aym**t a*d £600 f** bills (-£1800)** This *xclud*s f**d a*d **t**l** £2,710**00 £910**00 £2,626**00 £826**00 £2,116**06 £316**06 £2,864**50 £1,064**50 £2,947**27 £1,147**27 £2,422**66 £622**66 £3,071**71 £1,271**71 £2,063**57 £263**57 £2,471**77 £671**77 As y*u ca* s**, **t *** m**th did I tak* h*m* £4000 as s*m**** claim*d *a*li** - *v** i* **ak summ** w**ki*g 100 h*u*s *v** th* m**th** Th* £3071**71 was a m**th wh*** I had a c*a* l*ad *f h*liday t* tak* t**** I'm *x**cti*g th* **xt tw* m**ths t* b* a**u*d th* £2000 ma*k as **a* th* last 2 m**ths sh*w*** £263 aft** all bills still has t* *ay f** f**d a*d **t**l, a*d that was als* Ch*istmas s* quit* difficult t* buy ***s**ts** Y*u may thi*k £1000 *x***dabl* i*c*m* is a l*t - it's **t** My ca* ***ds ***ai*s, 3 tim*s last y*a* -£600, £400 a*d £600 agai* i*c M*T** Ca*'t aff**d a **w *** s* th*s* ***ai*s will *u* i*t* **xt y*a*** I fi*d th* m**ths I g*t £600 *x***dabl* just ***ugh t* liv* a*d sav* a littl* bit i* cas* *f *m**g**cy - such as th* ca* ***ai*s** Th* m**ths I g*t £300 ** £200 I hav* t* us* that s*a** I'v* sav*d t* liv* *ff** D* **t thi*k this is *asy - it may l**k a l*t ** *a*** but it s*** disa***a*s** I s***d 2 ** 3 h*u*s a w**k l**ki*g th**ugh my *xc*l s***adsh**t *f di**ct d*bits t* s** h*w I ca* **duc* th*m - th***'s **t m*v*m**t ** a*ythi*g **w s* I'm stuck - a*d I'v* ma*a*g*d t* g*t my *x***ditu**s as l*w as **ssibl*** My l*a* was £65k *lus £5k f** livi*g *x***s*s** With i*t***st *at*s *isi*g agai* i* a c*u*l* *f y*a*s a*d a l*a* *f £85+ (***bably **a*** £100k) h*w a** y*u g*i*g t* *ay *ff y*u* l*a*? Y*u ***d t* **ally thi*k ab*ut th* fi*st 3 ** 4 y*a*s *f y*u* ca**** wh** y*u g*t **li** - **t th* ***s**t a*d **t if y*u g*t a c*mma*d** What ha****s if y*u g*t laid *ff agai* aft** th* 8 m**ths? I sig**d u* wh** cad*ts w*** g*i*g st*aight i*t* th* *HS with a ***m c**t*act - th*** is abs*lut*ly ** WAY I w*uld sig* u* f** a*y FT* giv** th* cu****t climat*** I k**w I'll b* ig****d but d**'t say y*u w****'t wa***d** *dit*d t* add: d**'t f**g*t y*u als* hav* t* *ay f** y*u* *w* u*if**m, th*** is ** ***si**, a*d ** *ay if y*u'** sick** Y*u d* g*t h*liday *ay (ctc fl*ixc**w a*yway)
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I c**cu* with H*Bl**d's ass*ssm**t *f tak* h*m* *ay, I'm fl*xic**w th**ugh CTC a*d th* b*st m**th I *v** had was £3000 **t** W**s* was £2000, which luckily I had tak** 7 days *f l*av* (ci*ca £800 **t)** S* f** th* flyi*g duti*s that m**th I *a**t £1200 aft** tax** Th* *a*c situati** is quit* diff****t as fi*st y*a* figu**s a** sk*w*d by *ayi*g v**y littl* tax ** th* ty** *ati*g** S*c**d y*a* figu**s will b* m*** c*m*a*abl*** *a*c d* g*t a littl* m*** *** h*u*, but d* **t att*act a*y h*liday *ay** As has b*** **i*t*d *ut, u*if**m, m*dicals, l*ss *f lic**s* a*d ***si** a** all l*ft d*w* t* y*u****** S* whilst th* h*adli** figu**s may l**k acc**tabl* i* summ**, th*y a** c**tai*ly **t ** *a* with th* ***ma***t f/* ***ulati**** D* **t b* t*ick*d i*t* thi*ki*g th*y a****
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WWW, Da* 98 &am*; Da** Wi*t**la*d

I d**'t thi*k th* b*tt*m is a*ywh*** **a* b*i*g **ach*d u*f**tu*at*ly** Th* d*s***at* (**ly by th*i* *w* acti**s) F*'s wh* g*t i*t* this sh1t, will b* **ly t** ha**y t* acc**t *ath*tically l*w C*mma*d *ay as w*ll i*sid* *asyJ*t if th* c*m*a*y att*m*ts t* *am it th**ugh i* such a fashi**** F** *** *aiv* M**k*y t* m**ti** his *ay as £2000 a m**th, whilst ma*v*lli*g at *asy's **c**d ***fits mak*s m* **alis* h*w s*m* ****l* just hav* bli*k**s **** **c**d ***fits b*i*g d*iv** by **c**d l*w sala*i*s, as w*ll as d*c**t sal*s is what th* 1/2 y*a* **sults sh*uld hav* said** Th*y d**'t *****t that t* th* St*ck *xcha*g* th*ugh** D**s*'t **ad quit* s* w*ll i* a t*adi*g stat*m**t**
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Ah but *a***w *u*way, th*y'v* mad* ***fit this y*a* a*d th* futu** l**ks b*ight s* it's all *k a*d th*y'll s*** sta*t t**ati*g us ******ly agai*! **t** Th* m*** ***fit th*y mak*, th* w**s* th*y'll t**at us, b*caus* th*y **alis* that it d**s*'t matt** h*w ****ly th*y t**at us, w* still d* S* taxi, fla* 3 *tc** Th* m*** c*sts ma*ag*m**t cut th* high** th*i* b**us*s - s* **vus - wi** that smug g*i* *ff y*u* fac* a*d l**k f**wa*d t* y*u* shafti*g**
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