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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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Emirates Blows an engine out of Lusaka

Just happened to be in Lusaka for the day and saw a wounded A330-200 on the apron.
Picked up a local paper and after cutting out 10 paragraphs of the screaming passengers, engine in flames and "I thought I was going to die" reportage it appears the 'facts ' are:-
EK 714 outbound from Lusaka to Dubai 2300 Sunday Night.
Reached cruising altitude 34000 ft. 64 nm & 30 mins after take off there was a loud bang and the aircraft shook.
The aircarft returned to Lusaka and made a normal landing and taxied to the apron.
It appears three blades snapped off and blew a hole in the nacelle (port side).
An engine fire was contained by the engine fire extinguishers.
Rolls Royce and EK engineers are on the scene.
Well done crew. Ops Normal
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Flying Bean the 'facts@ are: 64n and 30mins after take off.

That is impressive, flying for 30 minutes at an average 128 knts way, way below stalling speed. Anymore "facts"?
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The manufacturers are “seriously concerned” about the fault because it is the first time an airbus 330-200 has developed such a serious fault which could be a manufacturing error, the sources said.
Engine failure .......... aircraft manufacturing error? A bit of a non-sequitur?

One of the passengers who sought anonymity, said the plane departed from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport around 21:00 hours but got “stuck” in one position in the air for some minutes.
She said the aircraft shook abnormally as it landed on the runway as some passengers panicked.
I think I'd 'seek anonymity' if I made a comment like that too!

It's a HRE originating flight and I believe a friend of mine was on it. If so, I'll post her account of it when I hear from here, as she is a very rational and level-headed person.
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i may be wrong but, is there a SID etc that may have taken time n thats why airplane didnt travel far off.. or a 100kts Jet stream at lower level acting like a headwind.
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747 bringing new engine in just now and they are replacing tonight. Stand by photos....
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Blades snapping off and hole(s) in nacelle hardly qualifies as an engine failure. More like severe damage.
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Blades snapping off and hole(s) in nacelle hardly qualifies as an engine failure. More like severe damage.
WHAT!! You have to be kidding me right!?

Holes in the nacelle means the blades that did snap off didn't stay inside the engine. That is usually called an "un-contained engine failure"... Quite serious stuff indeed, especially if that blade decided to break off in such a point of its rotation that it got aimed at the fuselage, a passenger's head or any major structural parts.
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 17:12   #8 (permalink)
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Plore, if the engine stopped (= failed) due to the blades braking off, it's an engine failure.

If the engine had to be shut down due the damage caused by the blades failure, it is an in-flight shut down due to severe damage.
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Actually not quite DaFly. As also explained on wikipedia...

A turbine engine failure refers to an incident wherein a turbine engine in an aircraft unexpectedly stops producing power because of a part malfunction, in the absence of circumstances such as fuel exhaustion.
As you can see mentioned there, its a failure if the engine stopped producing power, not just stopped. I would guess with several blades missing the engine would stop producing power.

Under the heading 'Things that are not failures' they also mention...

A compressor surge is a disruption of the airflow through a gas turbine engine that can be caused by engine deterioration, a crosswind over the engine’s inlet, ingestion of foreign material, or an internal component failure (a thing that is of course a failure, or, not not a failure) such as a broken blade.
Of all the examples mentioned they state that only the blade failure is considered an engine failure and not just an engine shut down.
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Oh great, we're quoting Wikipedia now as a source of info. Long ago the difference was explained to me as:

Engine failure - The fire's gone out, get the checklist and see if we can relight it.

Severe damage - No N1, no N2 or no oil pressure (either 0 or the indication missing on these new fancy planes) or abnormal vibration. It's R&R time.
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ahaha you didn't take into account of the 200kts hw on the way ou and on the way back
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Malfunctions from inferior designs are common

Clearly upgrading these substandard fans with superior Pratt & Whitney’s would be the proper corrective action.
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Also the pilot probably shut the engine down... losing a single blade would severely unbalance the engine, with it possibly tearing itself to pieces and anything close by.

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Emirates Engines

I just saw on Rumours forum.
Emirates engine problems out of Sydney.
There have been three separate engine incidents with Emirates in November, although not of the same engine type.
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