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atlast 18th May 2017 09:26

John Moody of BKS
Does anyone know the resting place of John MOODY, Line Engineer for BKS?
He passed away on 3 July 1968 in the tragic Airspeed Ambassador crash at Heathrow Airport in G-AMAD of BKS Air Transport. All I know is that it was a church in the Southend area. If anyone can assist, I would appreciate it as I wish to pay my respects.

Gary Saunders

David Thompson 18th May 2017 10:47

This looks to be a good starting place ? ;
Historic Records | Historic Records | Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Please let us know if you are successful , or not !

ATR43 18th May 2017 17:14

Hi - I suspect your information to date was gained from Arthur Whitlock's book "Behind the Cockpit Door" where it is covered in some detail I checked to see if there was any more information, sadly not!

atlast 18th May 2017 17:16

Thanks for the reply David. I did try there with no luck though. I'm presuming it must be in the Southend area but not Southend proper. No idea of the boundaries and this is now almost 49 years ago too. I tried the BKS Website but no joy there. Nothing in any of the BKS Newsletters either.

atlast 18th May 2017 17:17

ATR ~ Exactly, and what a wonderful book it is.

atlast 18th May 2017 17:34


Picture of G-AMLJ Bristol 170 BKS, named after John Moody

David Thompson 19th May 2017 09:34

I asked a friend to do some 'family history' sleuthing for me and this is what she has found so far ;
B ; John Cullen Moody in 1930 to Albert G Moody and Annie G Mead
M ; Betty Dorcas Lucas in 1951
C1 ; Michelle L in 1953 in Southend
C2 ; Denise Theresa in 1957 in Southend

Michelle married David J Saunders in 1970 in Southend , possibly now living in Outing Close , Southend

Denise married Harry RFG Townsend in 1984 in Southend and possibly had four children ; Polly , Isabelle , Merlin and Poppy .

Others may well know more about the family or can take up the search ?
With thanks to Yvonne at Linton on Ouse for her help .

atlast 21st May 2017 19:37

David Thompson, Sir, you are a champion! I must admit to being quite stunned when I read your reply and saw my name. You see, my name is Saunders too.
Whilst I currently live in the US, I drop into Stansted from time to time. Next time I do I shall head over to Southend to take up the search.
Thank you so much and thanks to Yvonne too.

Gary Saunders

Sarah Saunders 3rd Apr 2021 09:10

John Moody
Hi all I have just stumbled across this post whilst looking up information on my Granddad who was John Moody. I know the post was a few years ago now but I thought I would say hello and also let you know I can confirm where he was buried.

Sarah Saunders

ATR43 8th Apr 2021 19:34

John Moody of BKS
Hi Sarah

Welcome to the forum and how wonderful that in looking for info on your grandad you stumbled on this thread!

There is a wonderful piece about your Grandad in the book "Behind the Cockpit Door" by Arthur Whitlock, it can be difficult to access a copy in which case pm me and I will assist from my copy.


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